Our Story




Built on a long standing family tradition of providing Fine Dining - to the highest standard - Meze Mazi opened in early 2017.

We provide around 50 dishes from Greece and Cyprus with select Wines, great name Beers, quality Spirits and bespoke Cocktails to compliment your food.

A great new opportunity to experience something a little different but with a proven quality and style.

MEZE MAZI - The Cultural Experience:


It literally means "To eat"!  Traditionally, Meze is the one word which describes the serving of several small dishes served as an appetizer - perhaps with alcoholic drinks, or as a light meal.

It can also be used for any one dish of this type.

Mazi: Simply means "Together", a gathering of people.   Put the two together, and the wonderul picture becomes one of something so much more than just food!  It is a complete experience, steeped in tradition, culture, and family & social values.

So, in short, Our Story is still being written - eat with us and it becomes YOUR Story too!


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