Celebrating five years with you

– That’s five years of excellence, built on decades of experience!

Meze Mazi:

Built on a long standing family tradition of
providing Fine Dining to the highest standard, Meze Mazi opened in early 2017.

We provide an array of dishes from Greece and Cyprus, plus others from throughout the Mediterranean, with select Wines, great name Beers, quality Spirits and bespoke Cocktails to compliment your food.

So, Meze Mazi is your opportunity to experience something a little different, but with a proven quality and style.

Meze Mazi, the cultural experience:

It literally means “To eat”!
Traditionally, Meze is the one
word which describes the serving of several small dishes served as an appetizer – perhaps with alcoholic drinks, or simply on their own as a light meal.
It can also be used for any one
dish of this type.


Simply means “Together”, a gathering of people. Put the two together, and the wonderul picture
becomes one of something so much more than just food! It is a complete experience, steeped in tradition, culture, and family & social values.

So, in short, Our Story is still being written – eat with us and it becomes YOUR Story too!