Welcome to Meze Mazi

The home of authentic, hand crafted food, the perfect sharing experience

now under new ownership as

Scotty’s Tapas!

Along with the best of dining we also want to give you the very best of information, so a new website is on the way complete with new menus.

Until then

to book your table please email us directly at


The news is exciting: completely new ownership, completely new vision, but building on the tradition of excellence that Meze Mazi has always been known for. As we introduce Scotty’s Tapas we are pleased to tell you that, whilst retaining many of the favourite dishes, we will be extending both the overall dining experience and the menu content to reflect a much broader Mediterranean flavour and feel.

Meze Mazi, where dining is elevated to so much more than a meal, an experience of sublime authenticity at every visit, with culture and history combined!

Everything cooked to your order from fresh, finest quality ingredients Every Time!